Different aspects of Hair Treatment.

Published: 09th March 2009
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Almost all of us suffer from one hair problem or the other. In this world of too much pollution its really hard to protect our hair from damaging. Hair fall, broken ends, baldness, dandruff and scalp problems, etc. are the most commonly seen hair problems noticed in most of the people. The fact is that most of us are not even careful enough to take proper care of our hair. Even if we are aware, we really lack the knowledge of proper treatment for our hair.

The first and foremost point to be noted in relation to hair treatment is to figure out which type of hair problem you are suffering from. As soon as you have made this decision you are now ready to go for the specific hair care treatment suitable for you. There comes another decision to make, as different people have different hair types. As different people have different people have different hair types same hair treatment would not be suitable for all hair types. For example same hair treatment would not be applicable for dry and oily hair. Or problem faced by straight hair is different form curly hair.

The most commonly faced problems of dry hair are dullness, a dry or rough feeling, split ends, frizziness, and it is often difficult to comb or brush. In that case one should avoid spending too much time in strong sunlight, and use some suitable hair sunscreen and avoid the direct sunlight to fall on the hair. Dry hair needs more moisturizing than oily hair and should be treated with suitable conditioners. Dry hair should be massaged properly and gently with warm herbal oil at least thrice a week. Mild shampoo should be used to protect them from the harmful effects of chemicals and pollution. Excessive use of hair dryers and curlers may damage dry hair.

In the case of oily hair it is noticed that people with oily skin generally have oily hair. Oily hair needs a lot of washing. Excess oil,dust and dirt should be washed off as soon as possible.For oily hair, oils and shampoos having henna and neem are very good. And to prevent excessive secretion of oil one should avoid oily foods.

People with fine hair are more to hair damage as fine hair is too weak and an easy victim of hair breakage. In this case volumising hair care products may prove helpful as it help boost volume by coating the hair and make it appear thicker. It is advised to use light weight conditioners as fine hair is too much prone to hair breakage. Along with this curly, frizzy or wavy hair also have some particular problem of their own. They often need special care as compared to straight hair.

Another important common problem of all hair types is the problem of split ends. When the outer layer of the hair gets stripped off at the end of the hair, in this way the inner cortex fibers come out resulting in split ends. The only remedy of split ends is trimming of hair at least up to half an inch to avoid the upward splitting of hair.

Thus it is seen that different hair types have different problems of their own. And special care should be taken during treatment of different hair types.

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